A Day for Ireland, its History and the future of our Children

Posted: June 28, 2012 in General, Historical / Genealogical

We Saw A Vision

In the darkness of despair we saw a vision,

We lit the light of hope and it was not extinguished.

In the desert of discouragement we saw a vision.

We planted the tree of valour and it blossomed.

In the winter of bondage we saw a vision.

We melted the snow of lethargy and the river of resurrection flowed from it.

We sent our vision aswim like a swan on the river. The vision became a reality.

Winter became summer. Bondage became freedom and this we left to you as your inheritance.

O generations of freedom remember us, the generations of the vision

It is a sad day when the history of a nation is not remembered. Too often we look to the our forefathers for lessons on where we have gone wrong.  It is only a few generations when the words of French Revolutionaries were used to envoke a  sense of revolution, in many nations of the world.

To get to a place we are now at times saddens me when as a nation few remember the struggles to gain the right to our own parliament, the struggles of our nation to attain self determination.  To where we are now with the curse of modern democracy, APATHY feeding into all aspects of life.  The recent acceptance of the constitutional right for a foreign nation to enforce and write laws that over write the laws of our state is but one example of this and how far a nation can travel when it does not remember and learn from its past.

Modern Ireland sees many divisions between north and south thankfully there are many more cross border groups that refuse to be segregated by archaic laws of division.  We as a nation must ask each politician for what they are doing for the next generation to admire and look to as they guide us through this recessionary time.  My own  area has a long historical involvement with the Nations politics.  Founding of the Labour Party in Ireland,  tradional family home of Thomas Francis Meagher, John Mitchell‘s electorial area, Thomas Addis Emmet and many more who have influenced the National and world stage of politics and law.

An yes as a Nation we began the fight for our Independence this day 90 years ago and we have failed as a nation to recognise this fact.. So my congratulations go to our Govt, for another failure to acknowledge the struggles of the past, look to the future from the lessons of the past, and choose the road to write their own rules of history to negate those of the past.

It was the mark of the welcome change in modern Ireland that we saw the Queen of England arrive and the seeds of reconciliation were firmly seeded for future generations with her visit to the Garden of Remembrance


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