Wisconsin – Union Act – Republicans should hang their heads in shame..

Posted: March 13, 2011 in General

Following the passing of the Act in Wisconsin, it is a sad day for democracy when the rights of the worker is denied by legislature, the Act in Question was enforced after the certain laws had to be amended to take into account the 14 members who were absent in protest.

I think what is probably more worrying is that as Global news travels faster we get to hear less and less of what we should and a more concentrated news on certain stories is often the way of news networks in Europe
so I have to admit I was amazed on browsing onto Al Jazeera to see what was happening in Saudi Arabia that I came accross this .
What we should worry about, is the fact that state law was amended to further the goals of the state Yes we are in a recession, Yes Rural areas are depleting fast and feeding into the cities, but is that any reason why we put democracy in the bin. It should be noted that the Republican Party who were founded out of Lincoln are now the party that invoke laws that restrict the rights of the worker.

Polarising groups like the Tea Party are also involved ..

and a simple search will show the right wing polic that is embedded into this movement

and if you thought this story was unique .. how about this from Rhode island.

and remember that as part of these cutbacks a school deemed as under preforming has had its principle and majority of staff fired..
so Congratulations to Rhode Island for finding an excuse to remove education from those that cannot afford it


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