Forced out of retirement ..

Posted: January 21, 2010 in 1

Well received a Mail over why the silence..

Having seen how 2009 following on the mess of 2008  went it is no wonder why I was silent ..

after all we suffered the Recession .. one of the hardest hitting since the 1950s recession and unlike then people had to re-define their methods of living .. what with the Celtic Tiger turning into the Celtic urinal .. with more business’s here in Ireland failing and the majority of Staff currently in work suffering under Shortened weeks and reduced wages.. Some up to 45 % of their 2008 wage..

So what has happened in Ireland .. well we did discover our Government are more interested in Taxing the elderly, children and the infirm.. Prevent Cervical Cancer halting medicines to be rolled out in Schools.  And what of the Ever increasing unemployment queues, well it is in the wisdom and acute insite of our government to decrease payments to all.  Reduce access to health care and why not widen the taxable income to include the underpaid of our society.

I may appear Angry and yes I am, when I see the infirmed surviving over a wooden fire as their pensions can not pay for the electricity, oil and they are forced to live in 2 rooms of their houses due to the extreme weather of 2009/10.  And what of this weather .. well as GW Bush is remembered for his silence over 911 we should not forget the Silence our sun seeking ministers let us have the pleasure of .  While Houses were firstly Flooded and some are still not inhabitable and then the Snow and Ice hit and the ministers preferred to keep mum .. not alone with words but worse still with actions.  In Ireland only under duress from the public and media were the Army called into service to aid people move out of their houses.

So what of Modern Ireland, to be honest after too many years of Self serving ministers from all sides of the house, it can be said that the only success I can honestly attribute to the members of the Dail over the last 20 years is to congradulate them on secularising the country and the demise of the Ireland that many look on in envy from foreign fields.  Some may call me sentimental and yes I am, I enjoy the lack of Urbanism when I am in a country town, I enjoy the fact that because the lights are out, I can rest assured that my wife wont get mugged, I enjoy the fact that My kids can go to school in a safe enviroment.  Sad to say as Urbanism is rife in the small towns of Ireland with people suffering severe lonliness in the Estate Driven nation we have become, Sad to say my wife was mugged in my local town, outside my local shop granted she had the upper hand but it is strange to see this arriving on your own doorstep, Sad to say under the Current regime we are seeing a rising number of suicides, missing persons ..

And so to surmise .. who is Responsible .. is it the Government who have consistently refused to chase down the billions owed by the few, to have a credible inquiry into the banking crises and to offer answers as to why nothing has been implemented to offer a sense of change over what has caused this.  Is it the Government who have lost all credibility and have consistently refused to implement disciplinary actions whether it be a backbencher who has been found drink driving or senior members of the house who have been implicated in questionable actions.  or maybe it is the responsibility of the voting public to force action through constant canvassing and requesting the retirement of house members who have been associated with actions not becoming a minister of state.

Or Should we expect a level of Ethics to be upheld within the corridors of power.

I did say I was angry so forgive the Rant , heres hoping that it will not be another year with out a post, where we can see positive pro-action out of our politicians, instead of Reaction often too late, Where the public do not have to show the government how to deliver relief services to those in need.  If these happen then it will make a change for all, Sad to say I suspect the powerful few will endeavour to guide the will of the nation in their favour and we will see more and more enter the poverty trap that is modern Ireland.

I will be Sitting on the Fence watching waiting for something inspirational to come from our government ….

After all when is the last time that the Irish Government has given more than the people of Ireland to any worthwhile cause.  whether it be Ethiopia or Haiti, or the Flood victims of 09 it is the Irish that do what their elected representatives can not.

and so to my hilight of Dail watching for 09..

 and yes you guess the joke in this .. nowhere is it listed that the “unparliamentary language” used in this clip is prohibited.. but it did hide the fact we had one minister tanning himself while people were wondering why there was no grit on the road, and why the minister for the environment failed to react until the media had to prompt him to.  and yes this member of the Dail is a member of Government, reassuring isnt it!!


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