US Presidential Election ..

Posted: January 19, 2008 in Conspiracy Theories, General, Learning

Being Irish .. it is no surprise that I would show an interest in what is probably one of the main news items for 2008

that being the Presidential Election in the US .. so why post up .. well I know if I was stateside I would probably be more Democrat than Republican .. but I have to admit I am a wee bit torn .. Hillary and Barack do impress but I just cant put my finger on it .. but I have to be honest on it .. I am a Tad worried if either succeed in securing majority power along with presidential election .. Maybe it was the Oscar winning performance of Hillary before New Hampshire .. or the Victory Speech of Barack after the Iowa Caucus.. anyway enough opinions ..

heres the links ..

Barack on You tube.. Carefully managed list there.. and probably the real democrat candidate….

Hilary on You Tube … amazing to note the difference in media availability ..

McCain on You Tube did note that one on Iraq and being fine with spending a 100 years there.. Brilliant Political Acumen in a state that is leaning towards bringing back the troops..

Giuliani on you tube Too many Questions need answering .. so I doubt in the long run this candidate will survive

and the outsider vote goes to your favorite Movie Fbi agent/Law Enforcement (and who said hollywood typecasts..) and mine Fred Thompson also known as Fred Dalton Thompson as seen on Imdb

Excellent Article from Wiki ..

although the Atorney General of New Hampshire has declared there was not voter Fraud recently but on reading a few articles around the net it is questionable .. here is an excellent thread on this from Texan Republican candidate Ron Paul, do read all the comments on this .

Finally how should G Bush jr be remembered ..

I suspect his Fairwell will be nothing like Bills.. always a classic

  1. me says:

    sad to say Fred is gone .. so the list grows shorter

  2. shaun says:

    Thanks the content you have provided will be useful for every one which deals with the expectations of the people regarding the US presidential elections 2008

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