Gadgets for your computer

Posted: January 19, 2008 in Computing

I use Multiple monitor and Find it a dream .. then again my card can support it .. not to mention my 50″ tv.. makes a Great monitor.. 🙂

but for those with only one video connection what to do .. well here is a handy article on how to get around this issue.. Displaylink blogtalk ..and link… does make for some interesting reading..


so you like Linux and you like Gadgets then this is for you .. Bug from Bug-Labs .. basically a linux base with addons .. like gps camera etc that you can build together .. does sound limitless for what can be done with this


I have been using Flock as a browser alternative to firefox (my alternative to IE) for some time .. and have to admit .. having seen it grow from the early betas to its current incarnation I have to admit I was rarely disappointed in having it as one of my utils


Mac Airbook .. well is this the real deal .. you decide .. but no firewire .. no optical .. no ram expansion .. no gb network .. but on the plus side .. weight .. heres the video of the launch … nice blog on this..and from the horses mouth Apple Store



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