Election Fever in Ireland

Posted: March 1, 2007 in General

B Ahern

You know I could start a tirade of personal opinions about our present government what with senior ministers found driving drunk up the wrong way of a motorway, Questions over the party leader and his personal funding, Former Senior party officials both in ireland and abroad being investigated and some being found guilty of abuse of positions of power, government legislation mishaps allowing Paedophiles, Rapists, intoxicated drivers off with out a court date .. I could go on but instead I have a few links below that tell the story in much more detail than I will go into here.. and what of his partners in government .. Michael McDowell who is a former State Solicitor you know the one that is meant to guide and protect the government of the day from entering into situations that may be detremental to the state such is the case that this is reported in one of the leading irish newspapers. but what is this when with election time looming we have a situation when one of the leading opposition partys offers a “financial benefit” if they get into power then he attacks it and calls it a bribe then offers a larger “Benefit” .. this is the same former State Atthorney who has repeatedly allowed amendments to be rushed through the dail with flaws .. but enough of the incumbants and what of the opposition

unfortunately many peoples vote is still out on this .. even though they have less elected representatives under investigation for abuse of power .. there are still many questions to answer and I know for one I will be asking when my door bell is rung. After all our current govt is not solely to blame for what has happened in Ireland over the last 20 years. The eroding freedom of civil liberties, home laws proposed to govern how we act in our own homes cars and out side of work situations .. although the imposition of taxes on shopping bags has worked for the enviroment.. but what of looking after its consituents .. Taxes due back to workers ??? –(lack of provision of knowledge of over 9bn euro in unclaimed taxes due to workers) –


Arrest of Journalist

Order of Business March 1st (in light of a Paedophile ring being investigated )

Irish Blogs on Fianna Fail Irish Blogs on Fine Gael

you know I could go on but apathy prevails and we allow our govts to run riot with our civil liberties and the passive introduction of a police controlled state..


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