Encyclopedia for us comic lovers

Posted: January 7, 2007 in General, Learning

for all of us who grew up with our comic book heroes well here is the encyclopedia for you ..

still in its infancy but growing ComicVine does show great potential ..

so heres hopeing Dread, Dare, Asterix, Tin Tin and many more grace the pages and bring this into a truly global database of comic stars..

Comic vineJust an example of some of the info there


James Howlett was born in the late 19th century. He grew up weak and frail. James’ mutation of claws first appeared when the groundskeeper, Thomas Logan, drunkenly entered the house to claim his former lover, James’ mother. James attacked and killed Thomas and scarred Logan’s son, Dog. James fled the scene and later went under the name of Logan.What occurred between then and the late 40s is suspect due to Wolverine being taken into the Weapon X program.


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