Whale season is open

Posted: December 8, 2006 in General, Historical / Genealogical, Learning

According to Bluevoice.org .. Japan has called open season on Whales both within their own waters and in others..

From humpbacks to many different breeds of dolphin..

At the most recent meeting of the International Whaling Commission at St. Kitts Japan made a concerted effort to overturn the worldwide ban on whaling that has been in place nearly twenty years. The also reiterated their plans to hunt humpback whales. Read More here

Now I am amazed in what I read in that Irelands Govt actually signed up against this .. considering they have freely signed away cod stocks and other fish stocks around the irish coasts not to mention have invited in known polutant companies to forrage off the irish coast with no benefit to the Irish people or apparently Govt.. and no consideration to the Local people living in the path of their exploits.. but that is another story altogether…

here is an example of that bluevoice are all about..

do remember that with out the email to govts there is little chance our kids or theirs will be able to see the pictures we see here


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