Janez Jevnikar – Sprayman and Julian Beever – Chalk artist

Posted: November 15, 2006 in General

Art and the Artist
one word .. Genius ..

I accidentally came accross this on Google Video, Here he is in action
his work can be purchased from his site at Sprej.com

Personnally I love art that strikes out and makes you stop in your boots and go

WOW that is amazing ..

Julian Beevers WorkSpeaking of which .. if you are lucky enough to come accross Julian Beever on your travels as he crafts his magnificent chalk drawings then it is worth to stop and admire ..

here are some links to browse … his site , from the Green head site,

Plenty more when you search on google ..

Here is an example of his art ..

  1. Rebecca says:

    That’s not Julian Beever’s artwork, it was done by Kurt Wenner. Search for his name and you’ll see this piece. He does a lot of rennaisance-looking sidewalk artwork. Both of them are simply amazing!!!

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