AOL Makes a woopsey .. data released..

Posted: August 21, 2006 in Computing, General

it was only last sept when news was released about Maureen Govern was to become Chief Technology Officer with AOL..

having started with Bell in 1978 and moved onto motorola and then Convergys Corporation it was announced today that effective immediately she will be stepping down from this role.

Why you may be wondering.. have a read of some of the following articles relating to the personal data stored by 650,000 AOL users that was released last week

from Blog search at which mentions possible FTC non compliance

Some of the fall out can be seen in this article about an AOL subscriber More from USATODAY.COM on this subscriber

Google says it could not happen to us .. but considering the amount of data google stores from desktop searches to each of their products .. it does not really bare thinking about

it is amazing when searching aol they have already removed her personal page on the whoswho where as john mckinley is still mentioned as “overseeing this area” of aol.

.. I could keep on going with pages on this subject but will conclude with this page which took me .. one google search to find


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