Lest we forget on the day .. 6 and 9th Anniversaries ..

Posted: August 7, 2006 in General, Historical / Genealogical, Learning

What if they gave war and nobody came

our future or the pastWhen the sixties came I was not even a thought and when woodstock kicked in I was only an expression of the love between my mum and my da .. well thats what he always said and who am I to argue ..

but it is times like these that thoughts of the sixties revolution should come to the fore and we should stand up and be counted ..

it is sad browsing the net and seeing sites like this one Vietnam Generation Journal not being updated on a regular basis ..

so when I was growing up I heard all about woodstock .. martin luther king, malcolm x and other revolutionaries whether you agree with them or not it was a time for social upheaval and questions asked of state and man.. but did we hear of the stories of the forgotten marines (article written by Former Secretary of the Navy James Webb)

in light of what is happening in the middle east, israel and the lebanon, syria , north korea, africa, or where ever in the world it is time eyes were opened.. and mouth started action again .. Vietnam pics and quick snopsis here. another site to browse onto is Stop the War Coalition I suspect if I continued in posting there would be a myriad of sites to post here .. but that was not my point I am just tired of discussing history with a younger misinformed generation with biased views on history .. and as we all know history is writted by the victors and not those that have to survive the carnage left behind

here are some articles for you to read ..

Depleted weapons in the balkans

The Iraqi Fallout

Nagasaki, Hiroshima and related links


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