Woo is me

Posted: June 22, 2006 in Computing

or is it ..

working in IT you would think that of all people you would test new hardware beign used for backup

when backing up you would copy data rather than move .. yes I know I know .. dont move ..

well I did and have discoved a great utility for recovery

those that know me I am loath to pay when I can get for free .. and this tool .. although cut down from the full product is superb .. when you have moved nearly 30gbs of data and the heads on the hard drive fail well you need something to help out .. and this certainly helps

Granted the data was not on the Os partition and I could install the software on the os partition and run it off the data partition, and recover onto a new drive

have tested multiple files docs video etc and all appear fine

so Thumbs up from me on this superb little tool

after all that here is the link to Handyrecovery (browse on down half way for the freeware)


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