Ransom Virus – Warning to all

Posted: June 1, 2006 in Computing, Learning

Ok so we are all used to getting spammed by mail proporting to give us riches or enhance our abilities with our loved ones 

but a word of warning to all, there is a new variant of a virus that has been floating around for a while and is activated by users clicking on attachments from unknown senders ..

here is some tech knowledge and links on how to get past this

From MSNBC comes this article 

A discription from a Gnu board .. with links to pc mag and symantec (take note of when this was posted 2005) 

Credible Fix from Sophos

From Feb 2006 .. word of warning from the Korea Times 

From Network Associates .. their description 

and Finally from Securiteams website .. about half way down ..  

as always . best way to protect your self is keep your antivirus uptodate .. your operating system upto date and scan scan regularly

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