Thumbs up to Finland for Eurovision 06

Posted: March 13, 2006 in General

Lordi is their choice and cant see anything else so far that will get my vote.. especially not the dribble we have representing Ireland ..

  1. Kudos for being fair. (But Ireland’s entry was good!)

  2. zoomdog says:

    Fair commend there anthony
    but not a fan of what has happened to eurovision
    block voting is a real no no and kills the competition
    was sitting watching it and had votes colated before the ir representatives called them

    Irelands song was and I was surprised to see it a break from the pack and while I may not have liked it ..well it does show we are trying and Brian Kennedy did preform it professionally..

    10th position was I suspose a Success story in itself in the light of such voting schemes

    did end up voting for Finland and also for Lithuanian entry .. not for the song but the General Preformance .. good to see those on stage enjoying them selves and not stagemanaged to the last step and vowel

    enough out of me .. really

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