Present From Sony – rootkit

Posted: November 5, 2005 in Computing, Conspiracy Theories, General

According to Molly Wood . editor of cnet .. sony are giving away a present of a root kit with their music .. the article in Question says it all not need for me to rant on about 1984-ish Big Brotherism ..

ever since I was introduced to the wonders of sony’s sonic station I have steer clear of all things sony software design.. so is this one more way for corporations to invade the individual privacy zone .. surely if it is illega (in most countries)l to spam/ spy/ or create trojans then this is also an unwarranted invasion of privacy .,. but that is only my opinion .. the article above really says it all

  1. […] music is back in the news.. with watermarking making an upsurgence. Added to this the version that sony released back in 05, it is a wonder that people still feel free to backup their music and save the […]

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