Rosslyn Chapel – Knights Templar

Posted: October 3, 2005 in Conspiracy Theories, Historical / Genealogical

Now my knowledge of the Knights Templar could be written on the back of a stamp but I was facinated by this chapel that First attracted my attention in Secrets and Codes (da-vinci code reference book)

have a read of these links and see what you think

From The BBC history pages – From Jerusalem to Rosslyn. The Templars in Scotland

couple of nice pics here from the scotsman BBC on Davinci code and Rosslyn Chapel Personal investigation – Sinclair Search More investation here with some great pics
Ancient Quest Rosslyn Templar site From the Masonic forum pages, From Acacia Lodge pages.

and what of the White lady / Bleeding Angel of Rosslyn Chapel reputed to be guarding the Templar Treasure valued in the 1800’s at 3 million

From From Clan Bell, here on mysterious Britain you can see the GreenMan Clearly and on the Free mason forums a good discussion

Finally the Rosslyn Chapel official homepage


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